Parts Washer of the Month

AEC Systems offers a number of product lines to suit a variety of cleaning needs. We also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts. Here we feature the many different kinds of  parts washers we have designed for our clients.

Washer of the Month for May, 2020:

Tote Washer that Rotates Totes during Cleaning

rotates totesAre you looking for a way to clean totes but don’t have a way to turn them upside down?  AEC Systems recently built a washer that is designed to load a tote into the washer with a forklift. The tote is then rotated during the cleaning process.  The same fixture that holds the totes can also hold and clean two tote lids at the same time.

Washer of the Month for April, 2020:

Industrial Dip Tank with Agitation Washer

tank pit mountAn Industrial Dip Tank with Agitation Washer is used when parts must be submerged in order to clean internal cavities or because they need soaking time to allow the cleaning chemicals to properly work. Sometimes that part to be cleaned is so large that if the Industrial Dip Tank with Agitation Washer is mounted above floor level it stands too high to effectively load and unload parts safely. We can provide a completely automated system that can be pit mounted for floor level loading and unloading up to a 10,000 pound single object or large basket full of multiple parts. This washer can be modified to be either a single stage or multiple stage system to meet cleanliness requirements.

Washer of the Month for March 2020:

Continuous Carousel Washer

Continuous Carousel Washer

A continuous carousel washer is an excellent choice for parts with a high production rate and stringent cleaning specifications.  We designed this carousel washer for a company that reached out to us with a request to clean small rubber parts that were coated with oils and soils.  We were able to build a continuous rotating carousel washer that rinsed, washed, and dried these parts in order to achieve maximum cleaning specifications.

Many component parts today have very tight cleaning specifications that may be difficult to meet with standard washing systems. Blind holes or corners where fine debris may get trapped make it difficult for a standard parts washer to reach without the use of specifically directed nozzles. This is not an obstacle for us – AEC Systems can design and build a washer that will target any specific area or areas of your part. A continuous carousel washer can also be loaded and unloaded by a robot or manually, depending on the manpower requirements of the customer.

Washer of the Month for February 2020:

Military Sector Parts Washers

military sector parts washersAEC Systems designs and supplies parts washer applications for the military sector as well as the private sector. We provide custom solutions to the unique challenges that military base operations and defense projects present.

Military parts cleaning needs include cleaning parts needed to maintain operation of land vehicles and washing and degreasing aircraft parts like jet engines and helicopter transmission parts. Firearm parts, cartridge elements like casings and projectiles, and military equipment in general all require regular cleaning in order to operate. Many of the parts involved are small and intricate or, as with engine parts, have complex geometries the still must be cleaned to specification.

Washer of the Month for January 2020:

Industrial Tube Washing System

clean cylinders

We recently had a customer come to us with a request to clean long cylinders, specifying that the inside of the cylinders also needed to be cleaned. In order to achieve this, we designed an industrial tube washing system with a pneumatic rotator that rotates the cylinders in such a way that it allows for targeted cleaning of both the inside and outside of these cylinders.

After the exterior of each cylinder is cleaned, rotating nozzles spray warm water to clean the interior. A baghouse filter collects all the debris, including oils, chips, and other kinds of debris. For this parts washer, we also installed a filtering system to make sure that the water is cleaned and put back into the system and that all waste and debris is streamlined out of the building.

Washer of the Month for December 2019:

Industrial Carousel Washer

industrial carousel washerFor companies with parts that must meet the most stringent cleaning specifications, an industrial carousel washer is the highest level cell-type washing system we manufacture. It provides the same multiple stages of washing as a conveyor washer but with a much smaller work envelope.

A carousel washer can be loaded and unloaded either manually or robotically, and an operator can load and unload in the same location. This saves labor expense.

Washer of the Month for November 2019:

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Parts Washer – Aviation Industry

Aviation industryAEC systems receives requests from companies working within the aviation industry to clean multiple batches of parts. Here is one aviation industry parts cleaning system we developed. Whether the parts must be cleaned during the manufacturing process, the assembly process, or simply in the repair process, we feel prepared to take on the challenge of cleaning small or large parts of any type.

Washer of the Month for October 2019:

The Right Parts Washer for Your Company’s Needsright washer

Have you browsed all of the featured parts washers we have on our website but still not found the right washer – the one that meets your company’s exact needs? That’s no problem. If you have an idea of what you would like and the details of what needs to be cleaned and to what specification, AEC Systems can design a washer to wash whatever you need.

Washer of the Month for September 2019:

Engine Block Rotating Washer
Engine Block Rotating Washer

Getting all the ports and cavities of newly machined engine blocks or manifolds can be difficult and time consuming.  With today’s tighter cleaning specifications, meeting cleanliness requirements can be a challenge.  This engine block rotating washer uses solvent-free, aqueous technology to remove oil, grease, paint, carbon, and gasket material and clean engine blocks from the inside out, including all hard-to-reach bores and passages. In this case, the engine block is rotated back and forth during the cleaning process, and the washer stops at certain locations to allow a spray lance to go down into specific ports for a more thorough cleaning of the block.

Washer of the Month for August 2019:

Large Heavy Duty Industrial Parts Washer
large heavy duty 2

Do you feel that your parts are too big for a parts washer? Is what you need a large heavy duty parts cleaning system? AEC Systems has built washers to accommodate very large and heavy parts. We have designed and built an industrial cabinet washer with a 15-foot diameter turntable that held up to 60,000 pounds. Another project we completed for a customer was an industrial dip tank with a footprint that was 110 inches long by 36 inches wide by 36 inches deep. Its platform held parts weighing up to 5000 pounds.

Washer of the Month for July 2019:

Automatic Feed Pass Through Washer

automatic feed pass through washer

Is space an issue on your manufacturing floor?  In nearly all cases, AEC Systems can design a washer to meet the footprint and do the cleaning that is required.  This washer was designed to clean the inside and outside of engine liners. These were open-ended cylinders.  Our customer needed newly machined parts to be cleaned immediately.

The washer works like this: using this automatic feed pass through washer, the engine liners are placed onto the conveyor of the washer and automatically fed into the cleaning chamber.  Inside the chamber is a “halo” and center pipe that cleans the inside and the outside of the part, then blows off the part.  After the cleaning cycle is complete, the part advances to a dip tank to add a rust inhibitor.

Washer of the Month for June 2019:

Single Lift Multi-Platform Dip Tank

Single Lift Multi-Platform Dip Tank

Does your operation need more than one dip tank?  To save the cost of an additional lift platform, multiple tanks can use the same platform. In this single lift multi-platform dip tank parts can be moved manually or automatically through the cleaning system. The four-stage system cleans and dries parts, and the two-stage systems washes and rinse parts. If strong chemicals are necessary to clean parts, we can add a push-pull draft system to vent them and control the safety of both the system’s operator and the environment in which it will be used.

Another feature we can add to reduce evaporation of solutions are lids that open and close automatically.

Washer of the Month for May 2019:

Railroad Industry Washer

Are you looking for a washer to clean components used in the railroad industry?  We have provided our customers with a variety of washers built to clean both newly manufactured and used components.  These range from used bearings and wheel axles to engine components. We can accommodate any cleanliness specification.

Let us help you with your railroad industry parts cleaning needs.

Washer of the Month for April 2019:

Industrial Bearing Washer

industrial bearing washer

Bearings come in all shapes and sizes and are used in various industries and sectors of the economy, including energy, transportation, space, and the military.  AEC Systems has built and designed various styles of parts washers to clean bearings such as:

  • Ball bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
  • Deep groove bearings
  • Taper roller bearings
  • Needle bearings

according to our customers’ required cleanliness specifications. We can build an industrial bearing washer that is loaded by hand or via robot. Please contact us to specify what size washer and cycle time you will need. It’s our mission to design and build the most economical and efficient parts washer we can for every cleaning need.

Washer of the Month for March 2019:

Auto-Feed Aircraft Wheel Washer

auto-feed aircraft wheel washerBoth commercial airline and military aviation airplanes have to be routinely maintained in order to function well. This maintenance includes removing aircraft wheel hubs and cleaning off the accumulated rubber bead, bearing grease, and carbon dust according to either industry or military specification before they can be sent for rebuild.

There are different ways of cleaning aircraft wheels.  We designed this auto-feed aircraft wheel washer to automatically feed the wheel halves into and out of the washer by a conveyor system.  The conveyors eliminate the need for the operator to lift the heavy wheel halves onto a fixture that would then be loaded into a cabinet washer.  Companies concerned with ergonomics are leaning toward automatic feed systems to help keep their employees from getting hurt on the job.

Washer of the Month for February 2019:

Shuttle Washer

shuttle washerWhat is your parts washer’s load time? Is it inefficient? Does it take too much time?  Why not load a dirty part while a part is being cleaned?  AEC Systems can design and build a washer to meet your cycle time and cleanliness requirements.

With this shuttle washer large components of construction equipment needed to be cleaned at a rate of one part every 12 minutes.  This system washes, rinses, and blows off the part with a traveling manifold while the operators load or unload parts into the washer’s second fixture.  The fixtures shuttle in and out of each side of the washer.

Washer of the Month for January 2019:

Rolled Sheet Metal Washer

rolled sheet metalAEC Systems can provide a washing or drying system that the customer feeds their parts through.  In this case spooled sheet metal is fed through the rolled sheet metal washer at a rate of 225 feet per minute.  To remove mill oils, the metal is washed, rinsed, and then dried. This process can be done before or after a stamping process.

Washer of the Month for December 2018:

Drum Parts Washer

AEC System’s Drum Parts Washer is great for a large volume of small parts. Particularly those fed directly off of screw machines. A helix within a drum cylinder gentle turns each part as it advances through the various cleaning stages needed to meet the parts cleanliness specification. Water entrapment is not normally a problem with the Drum/Auger Type Washer as cavities are constantly being dumped of solution as they move through the washer. Parts can be loaded manually, by conveyor belt, or by hopper. There is minimal operator intervention from load to unload end. Liquid stages can be either spray or submersion.

Washer of the Month for November, 2018:

Cabinet Parts Washer

carousel washerCabinet Parts Washer is an ideal washing systems for larger heavier parts that do not require high volume of parts output per hour. They come with a front loading door, top loading lid, or vertical rise door. Your choice for your need. An Aqueous-Based Cabinet Parts Washer has a revolving turntable which ensures that a part is cleaned from all sides. This turntable can be fixed in the Washer or as a swing-out table that comes out to the operator as the door is opened for loading or unloading. These Aqueous-Based Cabinet Washers can handle batch loads from 500 pounds up to 60,000 pounds all day long. Labyrinth door seals and seal-less industrial pumps make for many hours of trouble free service.

Washer of the Month for October, 2018:

Solvent Parts Washer

solvent washer largeOur Solvent Parts Washer is still the best and most economical way to clean for some cleaning applications. Whether it is precision made parts that must be spot free or be kept from rusting or a micron cleanliness that only a solvent can give on the part, we have multiple stage solvent washers that do the job and are also eco-friendly. With our Solvent Parts Washer, we even offer carbon filtration on the drying stage to avoid any hydro carbons escaping to the atmosphere or odors that would bring complaints from the area workers.

Washer of the Month for September, 2018:

Top Load Washer

top load largeThe Top Load Washer is a great batch type Washer that can be used as a stand-alone or integrated within a work cell to clean low volume parts as they are transferred from one machining operation to the next. In the Top Loading Washer, small parts or baskets of parts can be loaded onto the turntable by hand or a heavier single part can be loaded by used of a jib crane or pick and place device.

Washer of the Month for August, 2018:

Dip Tank Systems

dip tankOur Dip Tank Systems (both Single and Multiple Stage Dip Tank Washer) can process your parts by using an overhead crane to manually move a load from stage to stage, automated roller platforms to move baskets of parts from stage to stage, or a PLC controlled completely automated system to control stage times and order. Also in these Single and Multiple Stage Dip Tank Washers, push-pull draft systems are available when strong chemicals must be used and venting from tanks be controlled for safety of operator and environment.

Washer of the Month for July, 2018:

Aircraft Wheel Washer

right parts washerThe AEC Systems Aircraft Wheel Washer is a pass-through washer with and a vertical rising guillotine door. The roller conveyor system along with automatic load system assists facilities in injury free material handling along with reducing operator fatigue. This washer provides a consistent flow-through process to increase production and will run automatically even through breaks, producing a consistent level of clean with no leftover grease in bearing pockets to wipe out after washing. The wheel washer uses FAA approved aqueous technology to remove dirt, grease, rubber, carbon or particulate.

Washer of the Month for June, 2018:

Spray Immersion Washer

rotate spray immersionOur Spray Immersion Washer is designed to combine the ability to spray and immerse parts while cleaning; rotate parts to ensure drainage of solution; and dry efficiently. Single or multiple parts baskets are loaded into a revolving fixture. As an operator presses a cycle start button, the door closes, a containment trough rotates under the parts as the wash pump starts up spraying the parts, and the cleaning fixture rotates in and out of the containment trough which constantly has the parts being submerged and then sprayed repeatedly during the cleaning cycle. The trough eventually overflows back to the solution tank to be filtered and pumped back to the spray nozzles. Multiple cleaning stages are available as well as filtering options.

Washer of the Month for May, 2018:

Four Turntable Washer

Four Turntable Washer 2Do you think your production rate is too high for a cabinet-style washer?  You may want to consider a cabinet washer with more than one turntable. This Four Turntable Washer has a drop-down door with 4 rotating turntables and 4 separate wash manifolds to ensure all parts are cleaned. In this washer each turntable has the capacity to hold an engine block up to 20 inches in diameter and 36 inches tall with each engine block weighing up to 500 pounds.

Washer of the Month for April, 2018:

Custom Parts Washer

cell washerAEC System’s Custom Parts Washer is unique in that they are designed to do a specific cleaning job on a specific part at a specific production rate, and often must fit into a specific footprint of the work cell. Give us a before and after cleaning part or a dirty part and your cleaning specifications and we will do the rest.


Washer of the Month for March, 2018:

Multiple Stage Conveyor Parts Washer

conveyor washer miniAEC System’s Multiple Stage Conveyor Parts Washer is great for cleaning parts that are being fed from another production conveyor or even right off the back of a press. This type of washing system can have unlimited number of cleaning and drying stages to meet high volume type cleaning of parts. Open wire belting is used for lighter and smaller parts.

Washer of the Month for February, 2018:

Compact Conveyor Parts Washer

conveyor washer miniThis Compact Conveyor Parts Washer takes up a lot less real estate from your production floor than conventional Multiple Stage Conveyor Washer. It is ideal for parts that fit into a work envelope of 12” x 12” or smaller. Use the Compact Conveyor Parts Washer when you have new part cleaning, but close quarters for installing a washer.

Washer of the Month for January, 2018:

Dual Door Cabinet Washer

dual door cabinet washerAEC Systems built this cabinet washer to clean aircraft wheels. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel with the wash tank and cabinet of the washer insulated.  The advantage of having a Dual Door Cabinet Washer is that while a cleaning cycle is being run, the operator can load the second turntable with parts that need to be cleaned.  Once a cleaning cycle has finished the operator then opens one door and closes the other door and presses the start button.  This reduces the handling time of parts from the total cleaning time.

Washer of the Month for December, 2017:

Gallon Parts Washer

gallon parts washerIn keeping with “green” management, many businesses are re-using their containers for product. Our Gallon Parts Washer will clean one 5-gallon pail to a 55-gallon drum at a time; inside and outside. Whether the container is open top or closed top, we have Drum/Container Washers to do either.


Washer of the Month for November, 2017:

Industrial Cabinet Spray Washer with a Vertical Mount Turntable

industrial cabinetThis Industrial Cabinet Spray Washer has a part work envelope of up to 40 inches in diameter (additional sized washers are available). Its cycle time from load to unload is 10 minutes.  The operator places a part or parts (here a tube) on a cleaning fixture located on a vertical driven turntable and clamps that part in place.  The operator then closes the door and pushes the cycle start button, and the vertical turntable automatically starts to rotate as the wash pump starts up.

There are spray nozzles located in a semi-circle outside of the diameter of the turntable that will spray the inside of the tube as it rotates, and there are additional spray nozzles that will spray the outside of the tube at the same time.  Once the wash cycle has timed out and tube drains solution from both ends of the tube, a blow-off cycle will start up, drying the tube as it continues to rotate on the turntable.  When the drying cycle stops, the operator opens the door, removes the clean and dried part and replaces it with another dirty part to start the cleaning cycle over again.

Washer of the Month for October, 2017:

Mini Track Conveyor Washer

mini track conveyor washerThis Mini Track Conveyor Washer was designed to clean closed end cylindrical parts.  The washer can be fed by hand or directly from processing equipment such as a grinder or honing machine or by a robot/pick and place.  The washer has a pneumatic cylinder that pushes the parts through the washer.  The Mini Track Conveyor Washer cleans and dries the parts at a rate of one every 4.5 seconds.  Rinse and rust preventative stages can be added to the washer and the cycle time is fully adjustable.

Washer of the Month for September, 2017:

Industrial Tote Cabinet Washer

Industrial Tote Cabinet Washer

We designed this Industrial Tote Cabinet Washer to clean totes that are used to hold oil, transmission fluids and brake fluid used in the auto industry and also in auto repair shops.  The totes have holes in the top that ranged from 5 to 18 inches in diameter.  The washer has a center pipe that descends into the tote during the cleaning cycle to spray the inside of the tote and also blow it out with heated air.

Washer of the Month for August, 2017:

Pallet Washer

pallet washer

AEC Systems was asked to build a Pallet Washer for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. This washer was designed to clean and dry four plastic pallets per load, each pallet measuring 44 inches by 48 inches by 6 inches. The pallet washer has a fixture on the vertical turntable that operator loads the pallets into, and the washer cleans and dries each load of totes in approximately 10 minutes. During the cleaning and drying processes the parts are rotated to ensure all surfaces of the totes are fully cleaned and dried.

Washer of the Month for July, 2017:

Heavy Industrial Equipment Washer

heavy equipment washerA Heavy Industrial Equipment Washer is designed to clean large, heavy parts, with lots of soil load – up to 60,000 pound parts and soils so heavy that we often use a sludge drag option to keep the solution bath free of debris to increase the useful life of the cleaning chemistry. These heavy equipment washers can be designed for loading with an overhead crane, by fork truck, or other material handling device. Their pumping systems range from 15 horsepower to 100 horsepower output.