Axle Washer

AEC Systems has developed a spray wash for cleaning used railcar and locomotive wheel axles. Utilizing reciprocating, revolving brushes, this axle washer can take a 20+-year old axle with hardened grease, mud, and rust, and turn it into a like-new looking axle, at the rate of one axle every 3 minutes. AEC Systems’ axle washers are available in natural or propane gas, electric, or steam-heating systems. For customers that want a brush-only machine, the washer can be supplied without any heated spray cycle. 

axle cleaning

A labyrinth door eliminates the need for any seal replacement, in most systems designed by AEC Systems.  This washer comes with various filtration to removed debris from wash solution for a longer bath life that includes a chip screen, baghouse filter, oil separation, with the choice of an oil skimmer or oil coalescer, and even a sludge drag for those who have high production and heavy solids loading of system.

Dirty axles can be manually loaded one at a time, or customers can use their in-line conveyors to automatically feed the washer with dirty axles to the inlet side of the washer and take away clean axles from the opposite side.


Having an AEC Systems axle washer means that manual spot cleaning or final detailing of axles is not needed. Axles are ready for inspection and final processing when they are removed from the washer. 

Your AEC Systems washer is always designed with good preventative maintenance in mind. Servicing of all spray nozzles and brushes is operator friendly with minimal downtime needed to keep your washer in top operating condition. 

Whatever your parts-washing needs are, we have a system to meet those needs or we will design a system just right for your application. Give us a call today at (616) 257-9502 for a free consultation and a budgetary quotation.