Aircraft Wheel Washer

AEC Systems offers a number of product lines to suit a variety of cleaning needs, but we also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts, for instance: the aircraft wheel washer.

Both commercial airlines and military aviation have to be routinely maintained in order to continue to function well. Part of that maintenance requires cleaning aircraft wheel hubs to remove accumulated rubber bead, bearing grease, and carbon dust according to either industry or military specification before they can be sent for rebuild.

ThAircraft Wheel Washere AEC Systems aircraft wheel washer is a pass-through washer with a vertical rising (guillotine) door. The roller conveyor system along with automatic load system assists facilities in injury free material handling along with reducing operator fatigue. The AEC Systems aircraft wheel washer provides a consistent flow-through process to increase production and will run automatically even through breaks, producing a consistent level of clean with no leftover grease in bearing pockets to wipe out after washing. The wheel washer uses FAA approved aqueous technology to remove dirt, grease, rubber, carbon or particulate.

Aircraft Wheel WasherThis system’s faster process and consistent flow cleans over 25 wheel halves per hour by spraying a heated aqueous solution at high pressure on the aircraft wheel. This is then followed by a freshwater rinse cycle. The optional custom-built drag system addition designed for our aircraft wheel washer has also significantly increased bath life by at one location by over 10 times, reducing the waste disposal necessary by half. This allows for the system to stay in operation longer, and significantly reduces the waste disposal cost.

Our aircraft wheel washer provides an efficient, automated solution for this specific cleaning challenge. All of AEC’s parts washers excel also because of our focus on ergonomics. We design our parts washers to eliminate any unnecessary bending and lifting to protect both workers’ health and businesses from on-site injuries and machine down time.

Please allow us to introduce you to the benefits and reliability of an AEC Systems aircraft wheel washer system.