Dual Door Cabinet Washer

dual door cabinet washer

AEC Systems offers a number of product lines to suit a variety of cleaning needs. We also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts, for instance: this dual door cabinet washer.

We built this cabinet washer to clean aircraft wheels. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel with the wash tank and cabinet of the washer insulated.  The advantage of having a dual door cabinet washer is that while a cleaning cycle is being run, the operator can load the second turntable with parts that need to be cleaned.  Once a cleaning cycle has finished the operator then opens one door and closes the other door and presses the start button.  This reduces the handling time of parts from the total cleaning time.

dual doorWe have built various sizes of this style cabinet washer with the diameter of the turntable ranging in size from 26 inches up to 15 feet (or even larger if needed).  Many options including a slug drag or magnetic conveyor can be added to this style washer.

If your company has a part that needs to be cleaned to specification, contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can make a parts washer that will accommodate your exact cleaning requirements.


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