AEC Systems is the proud manufacturer of aqueous industrial part washers. We are headquartered in Grandville, Michigan. Every parts washer we design and build is a custom project, created to best wash a specific, often difficult-to-clean, item. With over 40 years of experience, AEC is well versed in finding solutions and will work diligently with you to create the best industrial part washer solution for your needs. We begin each project with an in-depth evaluation of each client’s environment, production, or manufacturing process so that we fully understand what needs to be cleaned and to what specification.

AEC Systems also handles projects that require improving on cleaning systems that currently function less than optimally. Many of our clients have employed previous parts washing solutions that cleaned, but not to specification, or that required adaptation because some critical part of the cleaning process had changed. No matter how unique your industrial parts washing needs are, we can design a solution. AEC has built a variety of custom industrial part washers, to clean a range of parts from tiny to large, and light to extremely heavy, including: cabinet, small drum, and pass-through parts washers, as well as conveyor and carousel parts washers, and industrial dip tanks.

AEC remains in touch with our clients, often long after the parts washers we built for them are delivered and installed. We understand that in a rapidly changing manufacturing and regulatory climate, changes will have to be made down the line to accommodate further cleaning challenges.

AEC Systems provides industrial parts washers to companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East. We can also service companies in China and Europe. AEC looks forward to working with your company to design an industrial parts washer best suited to your industrial cleaning needs. Please take a minute to look through our online catalog of the many industrial part washer styles we have previously designed and built.


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