Rotating Spray Bin Washer

AEC System’s rotating spray bin washer has a rotating spray washer that directs air drying and water-spraying nozzles toward hard-to-reach areas. This washer is ideal for parts that clean well in a spray cabinet, but have cavity areas that will hold water and make 100% drying of the part difficult, if not impossible. We design cleaning fixtures on a rotation axis that holds a part precisely as directed water spray nozzles and air drying nozzles spray all areas of the part. By slowly rotating the part as it is cleaned and dried, all liquid is being drained from all cavities of the part. With the rotating spray washers, customer’s filtered shop air can be used in the drying stage or regenerative blowers with heaters can be used instead.

See also our spray immersion washer.

rotisserie fixture washer
Rotisserie fixture washer
submerged rotating basket washer
Submerged rotating basket
standard or special designed parts baskets
Standard or special designed parts baskets