Spray Immersion Washer

Our spray immersion washer is designed to combine the ability to spray and immerse parts while cleaning, rotate parts to ensure drainage of solution, and ensure a thorough drying. Single or multiple-parts baskets are loaded into a revolving fixture. As an operator presses a cycle start button, the door closes. A containment trough rotates under the parts as the wash pump starts up spraying the parts. The cleaning fixture rotates in and out of the containment trough which constantly has the parts being submerged and then sprayed repeatedly during the cleaning cycle. The trough eventually overflows back to the solution tank to be filtered and pumped back to the spray nozzles. Multiple cleaning stages are available, as well as filtering options. The spray immersion basket/rotation Washer is an operator-hands-free system. Turn it on and walk away until door opens presenting clean parts for removal.

Also see our bin washer.

spray immersion washer
Great for parts with
blind holes