Carousel Parts Washer

The carousel parts washer offers the ultimate in cell-type washing systems. This type of parts washer offers the same multiple stages that are found in conveyor washers but with a much smaller footprint. The carousel parts washers are ideal for like parts that need precision cleaning and a higher production rate than what is obtainable from a batch-type washer. This unique carousel cell washer design allows for manual or robotic loading and unloading of parts. With part fixture as part of this washer design, you can achieve repeat-ability of cleaning accuracy and specification requirements to meet stringent customer’s cleanliness requirements. An operator can load and unload a part from the same location. This eliminates the need for additional people to man the system.

large carousel parts washer 1
For precision parts cleaning
to specification
large carousel part washer 2
When you have hard-to-clean-and-dry parts
large carousel washer 3
Up to six cleaning stages
within one washer