Pass Through Washer

A pass through washer offers several advantages over other washer designs. By having a vertical rising door, less work space is needed to set the washer in. You can have parts pass directly from one operation to the pass through parts washer and then on to a waiting transfer conveyor or adjoining cell. Production flow in this type of washer keeps moving forward with minimal handling of parts by an operator. This same principal can be used in place of a continuous belt conveyor washer. By having multiple stages with guillotine doors there is no need to have drain backs between stages, thus allowing the same cleaning stages in a shorter overall length. You can have revolving turntables, oscillating spray and drying nozzles, or fixed spray nozzles to fill the stage with spray.

Another example of this type of washer is our railcarĀ axle washer.

pass through washer
Used for cleaning of parts
between production cells
automatic indexing of parts
Automatic indexing of parts
railroad wheel axle washing system
Railroad wheel/axle washing system