Industrial Dip Tank with Agitation Washer

Dip Tank System

An industrial dip tank with agitation washer is used when parts must be submerged in order to clean internal cavities or because they need time to allow the cleaning chemicals to properly work. Sometimes that part to be cleaned is so large that if the industrial dip tank with agitation washer is mounted above floor level it stands too high to effectively load and unload parts safely. We can provide a completely automated system that can be pit mounted for floor-level loading and unloading of up to a 10,000 pound single object or a large basket full of multiple parts. An industrial dip tank fitted with an agitation washer can be designed to be a single-stage or a multiple-stage system to meet whatever the customer’s cleanliness requirements are.

Dip Tank Pit Mount
8 feet above ground is NOW
at floor level loading
dip tank pit mount