Multiple Stage Conveyor Parts Washer

Compact Conveyor Parts Washer

AEC System’s multiple stage conveyor parts washer is great for cleaning parts that are being fed from another production conveyor or even right off the back of a press. This type of washing system can have unlimited number of cleaning and drying stages to meet high volume type cleaning of parts. Open wire belting is used for lighter and smaller parts. In contrast, some conveyor parts washers have chain driven conveyor belts with slats or cleaning fixtures mounted in order to clean larger and heavier parts.

The versatility of a multiple stage conveyor parts washer is amazing. For instance, this type of conveyor parts washer can be used to finish clean parts and present them for packaging at the exit end.  Or a multiple stage conveyor washer can serve as as a mid-process cleaning system between manufacturing processes of a part. There are also options of filtration devices that help prolong bath life of the cleaning solution and exhaust steam vapor and  eliminate the need to vent from a building. Finally, this type of washer incorporates automation that allows you to put the system in line with other machining operations. Here are some examples of this type of industrial part washer:

multiple part feed lanes washer
Multiple part feed lanes
chain conveyor parts washer
Chain conveyor parts washer for
caterpillar axles
compact designed components to minimize footprint
Compact designed components
to minimize footprint needed