Getting the Longest Life out of Your Wash Solution

wash solution option By using heat, agitation, and detergent instead of solvents, aqueous cleaners offer an effective and safer cleaning option. The cleaning products aqueous parts washers use do have to be changed out periodically, though, and the aqueous cleaning waste byproducts must be disposed of safely as well. Because it’s costly to dispose of hazardous byproducts, companies that use parts washers want to maximize the lifespan of their wash solution. There are a number of methods we at AEC Systems successfully use to do this. 

Dirt, Grease, and Swarf

The various contaminants that parts washers remove affect the condition of the water bath. The water bath condition is also affected by how much dirt, debris, or grease must be removed, how many parts must be cleaned, and the length of time it’s been used. Cleaners do have a limited lifespan. They can become corrosive over time which is not good for the parts or the washer.

How To Maximize the Life of Your Wash Solution

There are various options that can be added to a washer to help extend the life of the wash solution. These include baghouse filters, magnetic filters, oil skimmers, oil coalescers, and magnetic chip drags or sludge drags. 

wash solution option

Aqueous parts washers will, with enough use, generate sludge, a waste that can contain toxic metals and solvents from the cleaned parts. Adding components like filters and skimmers to the parts washer can be effective at removing sludge and other wastes from the water bath. 

wash solution option

AEC Systems can build and design any of these components into your washer to increase the life of your wash solution. This will decrease the number of times the tank will need to be changed per year. It’s not always easy to predict how long a wash solution will last since this depends on how dirty the parts being cleaned are and how often the washer is used.  

wash solution option

If your company needs a parts cleaning system that will minimize waste byproducts like hazardous sludge, heat, or other wastes, and maximize the life of its wash solution, contact us at AEC Systems. We would be happy to discuss your needs and design a system specific to them. Call us today to get the process started. 


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