Dip Tank Systems

Industrial Dip Tank with Agitation Washer

Our Dip Tank Systems (both Single and Multiple Stage Dip Tank Washer) can process your parts by using an overhead crane to manually move a load from stage to stage, automated roller platforms to move baskets of parts from stage to stage, or a PLC controlled completely automated system to control stage times and order. Also in these Single and Multiple Stage Dip Tank Washers, push-pull draft systems are available when strong chemicals must be used and venting from tanks be controlled for safety of operator and environment. Automated opening/closing lids in our dip tank systems can be used to keep evaporation of solution to a minimum.

dip tank systems
Dip Agitation with Solution
Bath Circulation
dip tank systems cleaning
Can be used with Water Base or Solvent Cleaning
dip tank systems
Unlimited Number of Stages with
Modular Design