Engine Block Rotating Washer

Engine Block Rotating WasherAEC Systems offers our customers a number of product lines to suit a wide variety of cleaning needs. We also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts, for instance: the above engine block rotating washer.

Cleaning all the ports and cavities of newly machined engine blocks or manifolds can be difficult and time consuming.  With today’s tighter cleaning specifications, meeting cleanliness requirements can be a challenge.  This engine block rotating washer uses solvent-free, aqueous technology to remove oil, grease, paint, carbon, and gasket material and clean engine blocks from the inside out, including all hard-to-reach bores and passages. In this case, the engine block is rotated back and forth during the cleaning process, and the washer stops at certain locations to allow a spray lance to go down into specific ports for a more thorough cleaning of the block.

AEC Systems can modify this washer to fit any size engine block, and we can engineer a solution to clean even the most complex engine. We design our parts washers to eliminate any unnecessary bending and lifting. This protects both the health and safety of workers and minimizes the occurrence of on-site injuries and machine down time. We can make your engine block parts washer fit within your work envelope as well.

If your company has an engine or other part that needs to be cleaned to specification, contact us today. Let’s talk about how we can make a parts washer that will accommodate the cleaning requirements of your engine.