Large Heavy Duty Industrial Parts Washer

large heavy duty 2

AEC Systems offers our customers a number of product lines to suit a wide variety of cleaning needs. We also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts, for instance: the above large heavy duty industrial parts washer.

Do you feel that your parts are too big for a parts washer?  AEC Systems has built washers to accommodate very large and heavy parts. We have designed and built an industrial cabinet washer with a 15-foot diameter turntable that held up to 60,000 pounds. Another project we completed for a customer was an industrial dip tank with a footprint that was 110 inches long by 36 inches wide by 36 inches deep. Its platform held parts weighing up to 5000 pounds.

Large heavy duty

Are these not large enough for your needs? Do you need a parts washer to clean parts even heavier or larger? Give AEC Systems a call, and we can help you with your heavy duty cleaning needs.  Our mission is to design and build the most economical and efficient parts washer we can for every part our customers need cleaning, no matter how heavy or large.

large heavy duty 3