Cabinet Parts Washer

An AEC Systems cabinet parts washer offers proven aqueous washing technology that is  custom designed and engineered to fit your specific cleaning needs. 

Ideal Uses for Cabinet Washers

The cabinet washer design is ideal for large single components that require heavy duty cleaning. It’s also an excellent choice for batch cleaning loads as it’s capable of cleaning up to 60,000 pounds of parts per day every day. This parts washer is powerful, reliable, and long lasting.

Our cabinet parts washer features:

  • Single-stage or multiple-stage cleaning
  • Electric, gas, or steam heating
  • A revolving turntable to ensure thorough cleaning on all sides
  • A non-binding turntable design for increased safety
  • A swing-out turnable option for ergonomic loading and unloading
  • A front-loading, top-loading, or vertical-rise door – your choice for your need
  • Labyrinth door seals 
  • Seal-less industrial pumps for hours of trouble-free service
  • Automatic controls for water level, filtration, and heating
  • Simple maintenance (no tank draining necessary)

AEC Systems is committed to maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing waste. Our cabinet washer is fully insulated for energy conservation with waste removal options available. Its seal-less door design has no gaskets or seals to replace, and its aqueous cleaning design is gentle on the environment with no toxic fumes or disposal of hazardous chemicals necessary. 

Is a Cabinet Washer the Right Washer for Your Need? 

AEC Systems has designed custom cabinet washers for companies in the aerospace, automotive, fabrication, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries, among many others. This is an excellent parts washer for cleaning needs such as:

  • Aviation wheel washing
  • Chock washing
  • Engine blocks
  • Transmissions
  • Welded assemblies
  • Large injection molds
  • Wind-turbine gear boxes
  • Rail bearings
  • Totes and bins
  • 55-gallon drums

AEC can design a reliable, energy efficient cabinet washer that will clean large parts, heavy parts, and parts with unique and complex geometries at a reasonable price. We manufacture all washers here in the USA and warranty them worldwide. 

cabinet washer tube washer

Wash-rinse-dry, all in-one cabinet washer

cabinet parts washer

Washers can be equipped with sludge or magnetic drags

sliding door cabinet washer

Stainless steel washer with sliding door

large capacity cabinet washer

500 to 60,000-pound load capacities