Robotically Loaded Parts Washers

robotically loaded parts washers

Are you in the midst of designing a new cell where your parts will be loaded robotically or with a pick-and-place unit? We have you covered!

robotically loaded parts washers

AEC Systems has designed many styles of robotically loaded parts washers to work within our customers’ automated cells.

Robotic material handling, including the use of pick-and-place grippers, can be used to secure and place your parts exactly where they need to be for optimum cleaning, protecting any fragile parts from damage.

Taking your part specifications and production rate needs, we can design and build a washer to meet your cleaning requirements. We can create robotic work station design and turnkey cells that can be integrated with even the most complex cleaning or processing systems.


From carousel washers to top loading washers, along with indexing conveyor to vertical rise door washers, AEC Systems is here to help you or your integrator find a reliable, robust system to clean your parts. Contact us today to discuss your parts washing needs.