What Are Your Parts Washer Requirements?

parts washer requirementsAny business in the market for a customized parts washer must consider what the parts washer requirements will be before the design process can begin. Specifically, the company’s management  needs to determine what and how the washer will need to clean and how they will integrate that washer into the workflow and floor space of the plant. Below are six areas of inquiry that must be asked and answered in order to fully optimize the design of the washer to meet parts washing specifications. 

What parts will the washer clean? Are the parts all of one size and shape or do they vary? Are the parts simple or are there complex geometries that will be more challenging to clean, rinse, and dry? Obviously a washer that has to clean batches of uniform parts with no nooks or crannies will be simpler to design and less expensive build than one that has more complex requirements. 

To what specifications do the parts need to be cleaned? Does any area of the part need more focus in terms of cleaning or drying? Are there legal or governmental compliance requirements to be met?  How will this compliance be measured? 

How fast do these parts need to be cleaned? How many parts does the washer need to clean per hour? Does the production rate of the machine need to be constant or variable? The facility’s production rate may vary considerably depending on how parts will be loaded and removed from the washer. 

How will the washer be loaded and unloaded? If the company ordering the washer wants to limit the necessity for worker involvement to ensure safety or save money on staffing that should be decided before the design process begins. We can design automated systems that require very little direct worker input, but this is, of course, more complex.

What contaminants will the parts washer remove? Are there any safety considerations with these contaminants? Do the parts need to be treated with additional chemistry after they are washed?

What budget does the business have for the parts washer? 

AEC Systems works with companies within a wide spectrum of industries. We have manufactured parts washers for many diverse needs. We do need input from our customers on the above questions, however, in order to determine how to design and build a parts washer that will best meet their needs based on the budgets they have to spend. We are open and transparent about what we can provide, how much it will cost, how long it will take to build, and how much maintenance the washer will need once it is in use. 

We recommend to the companies we work with that they should involve a plant manager, a purchasing agent, and company executive in this design and decision making process because each of these people will have a different perspective and valuable input into what the parts washer requirements are. We welcome our clients to visit our facilities, talk with our design staff, and learn more about our manufacturing process. 

If your company needs a custom parts washer, we would be glad to discuss your parts washer requirements with you. Contact us today to begin this process.





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