A Look at AEC’s Design Process

smallAugerDrum1AEC Systems designs all of its parts washers according to specific client needs. As each part is different, each project is different. We took a look at our design process, in terms of how we explore various problems and solutions, in this post: Customizing a three chamber pass through washer with dip tank, but the variables involved with cleaning a vast array of parts, whether an injector, cylinder block, turbine, or electronic component – are considerable.

At the center of every project is the part that must be cleaned. To design the proper parts cleaning solution, we must consider what material or combination of materials the part is comprised of, what impurity must be removed, how the part is shaped, the required cleanliness specifications, and what the client requires in terms of both work envelope and manpower needs.

As society has shifted away from using chemical solvents for a number of reasons, aqueous cleaning methods have been developed including immersion cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and spray process cleaning. AEC uses the right combination of these processes in order to accomplish cleaning to specification no matter how small or large, oily, dirty, or complex the part.

Additionally, as the regulatory environment is becoming more complex daily, so do our clients’ needs. The costs for waste disposal have also risen considerably over time. Therefore we at AEC Systems factor in waste minimization at the beginning of every project with the ideal goal being zero waste production for every cleaning process. Every success we achieve, in terms of lowered disposal costs and heat and chemical recovery, can be applied to future projects as we hone our ability to produce cleaning solutions with a small physical and environmental footprint that are simple to use and can be operated with limited staff.

We’ve highlighted on this blog over the past year a number of changes in technology that may affect our ability in the future to create better, more efficient, more environmentally low-impact cleaning systems. Other breakthroughs, such as in bioremediation and UV light technology, may not have a direct effect on AEC Systems’ clients but represent a rapidly evolving understanding of our world and how it works. Obviously it is exciting time to work in science and technology and all the fields that harness both in order to better interact within our environments and achieve our individual and collective goals.

Here’s to more fascinating discoveries and private achievements in 2015!


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