Blow-off Cleaning Systems

blow-off drying systems

Sometimes you don’t need any sort of washing solution to accomplish your parts-cleaning goals.

AEC Systems has designed and built blow-off systems that remove coffee from totes. We have also added drying systems to customers’ current washers. Drying parts after machining is also possible if they do not need cleaned but need to be dry before they can be assembled or packaged. blow-off cleaning systems

We have an imaginative and creative team that is able to design systems that are built to accomplish specific parts-cleaning goals. We take pride in thinking outside of the box to supply what our customers are looking for but have difficulty finding elsewhere.

Your parts washer isn’t just “sitting on a shelf somewhere,” it’s waiting to be designed and built just for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (616) 257-9502, or browse our website to see what other parts washer capabilities we have.