Industrial Tube Washing System to Clean Cylinders to Specification

clean cylinders

At AEC Systems, we enjoy unique challenges that test our knowledge of industrial cleaning and give us an opportunity to show our customers why we are such a good choice for their industrial parts washing needs. A very common request we get is to design a parts washer that will clean cylinders, such as this industrial tube washing system.

Wanted: A Parts Washer to Clean Cylinders

On a monthly basis we hear from customers that have oddly shaped items or parts with blind holes or other bends. These parts still need to be cleaned to specification even if they are unusually shaped and challenging to clean. 

We recently had a customer come to us with a request to clean long cylinders, specifying that the inside of the cylinders also needed to be cleaned. In order to achieve this, we designed a parts washer with a pneumatic rotator that rotates the cylinders in such a way that it allows for targeted cleaning of both the inside and outside of these cylinders. 

clean cylinders

After the exterior of each cylinder is cleaned, rotating nozzles spray warm water to clean the interior. A baghouse filter collects all the debris, including oils, chips, and other kinds of debris. For this parts washer, we also installed a filtering system to make sure that the water is cleaned and put back into the system and that all waste and debris is streamlined out of the building. 

Of course, every customer’s situation is different. There are multiple solutions that we can assist with for the most efficient cleaning of cylinders. If you need cylinders cleaned but have specific concerns or cleanliness requirements, call us. We are available to discuss these types of needs and concerns with you Monday through Friday, from 8 AM until 5 PM (EST). Contact us today!