Tote Washer that Rotates Totes during Cleaning

rotates totesAre you looking for a way to clean totes but don’t have a way to turn them upside down?  AEC Systems recently built a tote washer that is designed to load a tote into the washer with a forklift. The tote is then rotated during the cleaning process.  The same fixture that holds the totes can also hold and clean two tote lids at the same time.

rotating totes

If you are looking into a parts washer for cleaning totes, feel free to contact us and we can determine what type of washer will best meet your application. The size of your totes, the rate at which they need to be cleaned, and what is being removed from them will all be factored into the design so that your totes will be cleaned to your specification every wash cycle.

totes parts washer

If your company has totes of any size that need to be cleaned to specification, contact us today. We will be happy to talk about your parts and cleaning requirements and how we can make a parts washer that will accommodate them. We are here to help with all your industrial cleaning needs.