Continuous Carousel Washer to Meet Tight Cleaning Specifications

Continuous Carousel WasherAn industrial carousel washer is an excellent choice for parts with a high production rate and stringent cleaning specifications.  

Many component parts today have very tight cleaning specifications that may be difficult to meet with standard washing systems. Blind holes or corners where fine debris may get trapped make it difficult for a standard parts washer to reach without the use of specifically directed nozzles. This is not an obstacle for us – AEC Systems can design and build a washer that will target any specific area or areas of your part. A continuous carousel washer can also be loaded and unloaded by a robot or manually, depending on the manpower requirements of the customer. 

We designed the above continuous carousel washer for a company that reached out to us with a request to clean small rubber parts that were coated with oils and soils.  We were able to build a continuous rotating carousel washer that rinsed, washed, and dried these parts in order to achieve maximum cleaning specifications. 

Continuous Carousel Washer 1

The washer we will create for your company will vary, depending on your needs. This includes the number of parts needed per cycle, cycle length, cleaning specifications, and cost parameters. We can build you a washer that will meet your production and cleanliness requirements, no matter how complex they are. Give us a call today!