Industrial Cabinet Washer vs. Dip Tank Washing System

When deciding on whether an industrial cabinet washer or a dip tank washing system would be a better washing system for your need, it’s imperative that you know exactly what you are trying to clean off of the given parts. Both types of systems are excellent for cleaning, but they work better and more efficiently when they clean the types of parts they are designed for.

dip tank washing system

To determine which system would work better to clean your parts, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there areas of the parts that will hold wash solution during the cleaning process?
  • Does the solution need to be in contact with the part for a certain about of time?
  • How will the parts be moved throughout the shop?
  • What is your budget for a washing system?

dip tank washing system

Dip tank systems consist of an open tank or tanks that parts are immersed into. This allows the wash solution access and time to fully penetrate all areas of the part no matter how hard to reach. Other tanks will be then used to rinse and prepare the parts for use. Overhead cranes, automated roller platforms, or PLC controlled automated systems can be used to move the parts from stage to stage and control stage order and timing. AEC Systems can also include push-pull draft systems for venting and automated lids to control evaporation of wash solution.

military sector parts washers

In contrast, industrial cabinet washers use spraying instead of immersion. The parts are placed on a cleaning fixture located on a vertical turntable and clamped in place.  The operator closes the door and pushes the cycle start button, and the vertical turntable automatically starts to rotate as the wash pump starts up. The parts are sprayed clean and then blown dry. When the washing and drying cycles are finished, the operator will remove the clean parts from the cabinet washer and replace it with another dirty part.

Immersion and spraying are both effective cleaning methods, but which one is best depends on the challenges of the parts that need cleaning.

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