How Parts Washers Save Businesses Money

CameraThe high cost associated with the disposal of empty containers has made it advantageous to clean the containers and reuse them. Recycling pails and drums pays by reducing waste material, eliminating the need to purchase new containers, and saving on transportation costs.

AEC Systems, LLC recently has added a new line of industrial cabinet spray washers that will accommodate 5-gallon pails, 30- and 55- gallon drums, and even special-size totes. Each washing system can be designed specifically to meet the customer’s needs and is not “one size fits all.” These washers are designed with longevity and customer ease of operation in mind. Whether cleaning just a few containers a day or hundreds, AEC Systems now has the ability to work with customers in developing a system that fits their requirements.

CameraSome container-stored products leave residue that can be easily removed with hot water and then reused. Others require special cleaning chemicals and hot water to remove the remains, followed by a rinsing stage. However, there are times when a neutralizing agent might allow disposal of the waste stream through a normal sanitary sewer discharge. This could be done periodically when the washer’s solution tank needs to be cleaned and recharged with clean water and cleaning solution.

Customers are familiar with their own chemical products and know what needs to be done to comply with local, state and federal laws. All waste by-products need to be handled properly and hauled away by an authorized waste hauler.

AEC Systems parts washers are available in carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the work environment and types of cleaning chemicals. Heating of solution tanks can be electric (encased heating elements are available if sludge buildup is a problem), steam, or natural gas. Units are designed for either manual or automatic sequence cycling. Loading and unloading can be done by hand or by using AEC System’s line of material-handling devices.

For more details on which cleaning system and accessories are best for you, please call an AEC Systems customer service representative at 1-888-211-6006 or visit the AEC System’s website for a look at many of our previous projects and their designs. ¬†We would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss how best to solve any container cleaning challenges your business faces.


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