Grateful for West Michigan

West Michigan

This past election cycle states in the Rust Belt got more attention than they have in awhile as news anchors and pundits tried to figure out how formerly blue manufacturing states went red for the first time in years. One of those states was Michigan, a state that has suffered disproportionately in the past forty years due to the over-reliance its economy once had on the manufacturing sector.

During the last recession everyone in Michigan knew someone who lost a job, and most people knew someone who left the state in search of new opportunities. It’s been a long recovery, longer than most states’ because Michigan was already in recession before the recession began. West Michigan is different, however. The Greater Grand Rapids area is thriving and has, in fact, made many “Top Cities” lists due to its healthy economic indicators and high standard of living. Housing is affordable here, families can thrive, and the city continues to grow and revitalize itself.

Manufacturing too is doing well. No longer limited to only automobiles, manufacturing in West Michigan runs the gamut from food processing and office furniture all the way to biopharmaceuticals and medical devices. In fact, experts believe that West Michigan may become even more attractive to other companies because of the affordability of its contract manufacturing. Because the cost of buying or renting space here is so much less expensive than other regions like the East Coast, the finished product can be manufactured for much less. Businesses here are and are becoming more competitive, pulling more manufacturing into the area. It’s a stark departure from previous economic patterns the people of this state have lived through. West Michigan is far from rusty!

AEC Systems is grateful and proud to be able to operate here. We value our employees and our customers. Of course, many of our customers are not from this part of the world, but we are able to provide them with a wide variety of parts washers designed especially for their needs at a competitive cost because of the advantages we gain from being located in West Michigan and the work ethic of our employees.

As 2017 continues, we look forward to another successful year of providing high quality aqueous parts washers to our customers. Our products are designed to clean without a negative health, environmental, or financial impact on the workers or businesses that will use them – which means that they will make the future better and cleaner as well.


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