What Kind of Parts Washer Is Best for My Company’s Needs?

parts washer is best top load washer“What parts washer is best for my company’s needs?”

This is the kind of question that AEC Systems can answer most authoritatively and comprehensively for our customers. If you are unfamilar with the range of parts washers, essentially there are four commonly used cleaning methods:

  1. Manual cleaning
  2. Automated cleaning
  3. Immersion/agitation cleaning
  4. Ultrasonic cleaning

Each of the above types of cleaning has its pros and cons. Manual systems are used when cleanliness specifications are less rigorous and when the company only needs parts cleaning capabilities for a fraction of the work day.

Automated cleaning systems are used when parts need to be cleaned more frequently, must meet more stringent cleanliness specs, and cannot be cleaned well or easily by hand. The most frequently used automated processes are immersion-agitation cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. These two methods differ in a number of ways, including price, and a business must consider what their cleaning needs entail specifically.

Cabinet washers operate much like dishwashers, and conveyor belt systems, and additional rinse or drying cycles may be easily added on to them to address specific problems. Vat-style washers, however, use high energy bubbles to vibrate parts clean and are better for small parts and items with crevices or harder-to-reach places.

Many businesses assume that a standard parts washing system will work best and be most affordable for their needs. As with any other tool, however, you must examine the purpose. What will your parts washer be used to clean, and how often will it be used? Daily? All day? Are the parts it will be used on difficult to clean, dry, or dip? What is the chemical composition of the dirt or grime needed removed? How many workers will be required to run it? Will they have to be taken away from other work? What are the requirements for waste disposal or emissions?

An off-the-rack solution is perfectly acceptable for many parts-washing needs, but many of our customers have found that properly designed parts washing systems save their businesses money over time and make complying with environmental regulations an easier task.

If you have any questions about which kind of system would be best for your business, AEC Systems would be happy to advise you.

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