Meeting Tight Cleaning Specifications for Your Parts

The world needs parts washers, and AEC Systems designs cleaning systems for every imaginable sort of part. For parts with simple geometries or less strict cleaning specifications, a standard parts washer with an aqueous solution bath and rinse may be enough. However a more sophisticated cleaning process is often needed for parts with complex geometries and blind holes or corners. Whatever your parts and whatever your cleaning specifications, we can design an environmentally friendly washer that will do the job efficiently, effectively, and with a low waste output.

Cleaning specifications

An off-the-rack parts washer is seldom a robust enough system to clean parts with stringent cleaning specifications. For example, parts that are machined are often coated with swarf as well as residue from the cutting fluids used to make them. If the parts have complex geometries or blind holes, it can be a real challenge to remove swarf from those areas, but they need to be cleaned to move on to the next stage in manufacturing or to be shipped to the customer. If the part needs to be plated or coated, it must be completely clean in order for the plating or coating to adhere to the surface of the part. 

Some of the methods we use to clean more complex parts include immersion, heat, and mechanical actions like high-pressure spraying, agitation, or rotating baskets within a cleaning chamber. Here is a rotating fixture washer we designed for a client whose parts had tight cleaning specifications:

tight cleaning specifications

An industrial carousel washer is also a good choice for parts with a high production rate and stringent cleaning specifications. AEC Systems can design and build a washer that will target any specific area or areas of your part. 

tight cleaning specifications

We always take into consideration our customers’ cleaning specifications as well as their needs in terms of energy, staffing, and waste removal costs. It’s our goal to design a system that will use as little water and energy as possible and will not require frequent change outs of the wash solution. Contact us at AEC Systems  to see what kind of parts washer we can design to meet your needs.






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