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Creating the best parts washer for your needs

The right industrial parts washer is the parts washer that cleans a part to specification most affordably and efficiently. AEC Systems designs and manufactures industrial parts washers for our customers based on their unique needs.

A Custom Cleaning Solution

  • Our design process for each parts washer begins with an in-depth discussion with our client about what they require. Every part is different in its composition and geometry. We strive to fully understand not only the part being washed and the impurity that must be removed, but also the client’s work environment as well as their production or manufacturing process.
  • We also handle projects that improve cleaning systems that currently function less than optimally. Many of our clients have used a parts washing solution that cleaned, but not to specification, or that required adaptation because some critical part of the cleaning process had changed.
  • AEC has built a variety of custom industrial part washers to clean a range of parts from tiny to large and light to extremely heavy, including: cabinet, small drum, and pass-through parts washers, as well as conveyor and carousel parts washers, and industrial dip tanks. We can design a reliable, energy efficient industrial parts washer that will clean any part at a reasonable price.
  • We are experienced in finding solutions to cleaning challenges and will work diligently with you to create the best parts washer for your needs.

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