The product line AEC Systems offers is already comprehensive and capable of accomplishing a variety of cleaning needs. We also create cleaning systems specific to a type of parts washing, for instance: our engine block washer.

AEC’s engine block washer can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of engines. It can be modified to accommodate any size engine blocks – even the largest or most complex engines.

The AEC Systems engine block washer is a pass-through washer with a conveyor belt and a vertical rising (guillotine) door. This allows for both a smaller work envelope and minimal operator handling. It utilizes solvent-free, aqueous technology to remove oil, grease, paint, carbon, and gasket material and clean engine blocks from the inside out, including all hard-to-reach bores and passages. It sprays a heated aqueous solution at high pressure, which is then followed by a freshwater rinse cycle and a blow-off dry cycle.

Our engine block washer provides an efficient, automated solution for this specific cleaning challenge. Additionally, all of AEC’s parts washers excel because of our focus on ergonomics. We design our parts washers to eliminate any unnecessary bending and lifting to protect both workers’ health and businesses from on-site injuries and machine down time.

Contact us today with your specific parts cleaning need. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss how we can solve your cleaning problem most efficiently and inexpensively.