Auto-Feed Aircraft Wheel Washer

auto-feed aircraft wheel washer

We offer our customers a number of product lines to suit a variety of cleaning needs and also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts, for instance: the above auto-feed aircraft wheel washer.

Both commercial airline and military aviation airplanes have to be routinely maintained in order to function well. This maintenance includes removing aircraft wheel hubs and cleaning off the accumulated rubber bead, bearing grease, and carbon dust according to either industry or military specification before they can be sent for rebuild.

There are different ways of cleaning aircraft wheels.  We designed this auto-feed aircraft wheel washer to automatically feed the wheel halves into and out of the washer by a conveyor system.  The conveyors eliminate the need for the operator to lift the heavy wheel halves onto a fixture that would then be loaded into a cabinet washer.  Companies concerned with ergonomics are leaning toward automatic feed systems to help keep their employees from getting hurt on the job.


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