Specialty Industrial Parts Washer

Do you have a part that needs cleaned that just doesn’t fit into any standard parts-washer design? We can design a specialty industrial parts washer to meet your cleaning needs (whether 12 foot diameter bear rings or 1/4” diameter aerospace O-rings!). We have designed cleaning systems for companies such as Caterpillar, GE Aerospace, Goodrich and Honda. AEC Systems would like the opportunity to help you improve your product cleaning procedures with one of our specialty washers.

Cleaning 12 Foot Diameter Bearing Rings


hot oil treatment of parts
Hot-oil treatment of parts
caterpillar engine component cleaning washer
Caterpillar engine-component cleaning washer
precision cleaning of heavy equipment and automotive crankshafts.
Precision cleaning of  heavy equipment and automotive crankshafts
dual parts loading door cabinet washer
Dual parts-loading doors on cabinet washer. Operator can be loading parts on one door while the other door is closed and parts are being cleaned as a way to increase production rate.