Mini Track Conveyor Washer

mini track conveyor washer

AEC Systems offers a number of product lines to suit a variety of cleaning needs. We also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts, for instance: the above Mini Track Conveyor Washer.

We designed this Mini Track Conveyor Washer to clean closed end cylindrical parts.  The washer can be fed by hand or directly from processing equipment such as a grinder or honing machine or by a robot/pick and place.  The washer has a pneumatic cylinder that pushes the parts through the washer.  The Mini Track Conveyor Washer cleans and dries the parts at a rate of one every 4.5 seconds.  Rinse and rust preventative stages can be added to the washer and the cycle time is fully adjustable.

If your company has a part that needs to be cleaned to specification, contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can make a parts washer that will accommodate your exact cleaning requirements.