Heavy Industrial Equipment Washer

Cabinet Parts Washer
Vertical and Horizontal Attached Washers

A heavy industrial equipment washer is designed to clean large, heavy parts, with lots of soil load. These parts are up to 60,000-pound with soils so heavy that we often use a sludge-drag option to keep the solution bath free of debris to increase the useful life of the cleaning chemistry. These heavy equipment washers can be designed for loading with an overhead crane, by fork truck, or other material handling device. Pumping systems range from 15-horsepower to 100-horsepower output.

Swing-out Turntable Washer
Swing-out turntable washer
Fixed Turntable Washer with Sludge Drag
Fixed turntable washer with
sludge drag
Diesel Engine Block Washer
Diesel engine block