Automatic Feed Pass Through Washer

automatic feed pass through washer

AEC Systems offers our customers a number of product lines to suit a wide variety of cleaning needs. We also design cleaning systems specific to certain parts, for instance: the above automatic feed pass through washer.

Is space an issue on your manufacturing floor?  In nearly all cases, AEC Systems can design a washer to meet the footprint and do the cleaning that is required.  This washer was designed to clean the inside and outside of engine liners. These were open-ended cylinders.  Our customer needed newly machined parts to be cleaned immediately.

The washer works like this: using this automatic feed pass through washer, the engine liners are placed onto the conveyor of the washer and automatically fed into the cleaning chamber.  Inside the chamber is a “halo” and center pipe that cleans the inside and the outside of the part, then blows off the part.  After the cleaning cycle is complete, the part advances to a dip tank to add a rust inhibitor.

Does this pass through washer sound similar to a system that might benefit your company? Reach out to AEC Systems to see how we can help with your cleaning needs. It’s our mission to design and build the most economical and efficient parts washer we can for every part our customers need cleaning.